Saturday, March 14, 2009

NIRALA - A wonderful Brand

Saturday, March 14, 2009
When we were studying consumer behavior, a class fellow of mine did this interesting exercise in the class. During his presentation, he distributed the NIRALA SWEETS to everyone in the class to get their feedback. Those who were familiar with Nirala's taste were able to identify that the Mithaye (SWEETS) in it is not from the NIRALA brand, it is only packaging which was from NIRALA. Although I am not a great fan of sweets, but this incident was pretty surprising for me that students were able to identify that this sweet hasnt that unique taste which Nirala offers. All I said that time was WOW!
Nirala Sweets started their operations over half a century ago with a small shop in lahore. There was no concept of branding a mithayee(SWEETS) that time in Pakistan. Mr. Taj Din who was the founder of Nirala sweets started as a typical Mithayee shop with the entreprenurial spirit to grow it to a national level. They offered this unique taste of DESI GHEE which became their unique selling proposition.  His son Farooq Ahmad ( Chairman : Nirala Sweets) took his father's business further and adopted the growth strategy to further open Nirala's outlets to more locations in Lahore. As the product was superb, they were successful in getting good sales from other locations as well. But the proper branding started when Faisal Farooq and Ahmar Farooq ( sons of Mr. Farooq Ahmad) took over the business and came up with a concept of branding Nirala Sweets. As both individuals are MBA and they had this vision in mind to make it a proper brand and implements each element of branding in it. These people not only worked on the logo, and other promotional stuff but also on the facia, ambiance and the products they were offering. They implemented the same pricing, same brands and same ambiance so that the consumer have the same taste and feel while he is having mithayee from an outlet in Lahore or in Islamabad or whatever. 
Website is an important part of the marketing strategy and most of us when we want to know about something, we simply google it. So Nirala definitley wanted to have a strong online presence with a little ecommerce flair in it. User has also the option of ordering the Sohan Halwa ( one of their famous product) online. I have a little observation in the website. If you have ever visited any of the outlet, you will see a strong color which is Yellow, which I have found not present in their website.  I suggest they should also incorporate this color as the most dominant color.
 Now Nirala is not only in Pakistan but also in UK and Canada and they are still growing. They want to be present in every single market in Pakistan and these people have the vision to be a strong brand like KFC and Mcdonalds. 


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