Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Pakistani e-Ventures are not successful globally?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Its not like Pakistani people are not creative at all in terms of generating new ideas. Personally I think we Pakistani are far better than americans as far as the idea generation is concerned. The problem starts when we dont have the proper infrastructure to develop those projects. This article will give you a brief introduction of american and pakistani mentality in terms of e-ventures. 
Look what americans brought to you...We have google, youtube, facebook, digg, stumble upon and twitter, yahoo, wikipedia, rapidshare and so on. Go to and see for yourself the top 20 sites in the world with the highest traffic. Do you see anything common in it? Yes of course...there is onething pretty common in all these websites which is SHARING. I am sorry to say but Asian people donot have the mentality to share things. They have a perception that if I share something with other person he or she can somehow take away my recognition. But contrary, americans do share alot of things and they promote the culture of sharing knowledege, feelings and emotions. This is one of the biggest problem. 

Second problem is we dont think globally. Our e-marketers define the target market in terms of local consumers and thats it. Again, go to and see for yourself which websites have the highest traffic. There are only two websites comes in the Top 20 one is GEO.TV and other is Jang group website. We have at number 25 which is an online recruitment portal. But the social networking site that we know is No doubt technically its a good website but look at the tagline is MUSLIM's social network. This is the point which I was talking about. Naseeb have clearly segmented that its a website only for muslims and the first thing come into people's mind is whether it is a matrimonial website or something related to islam only. Look at the websites which americans have made they have segmented the market in terms of lifestyles not in terms of geographic and demographic basis.

If you are aware of the hofstede's cultural dimensions, you must know Pakistani people are risk averse as the uncertainity avoidance factor is high. We dont work on simple ideas, we are always in complexity and complications. I mean look at Youtube, Digg or rapidshare or even flickr. Is there anything really Innovative in it? These are the most simplest ideas you have ever seen. Twitter is a website which i really dont know why is it so sucessfull but look at the traffic on twitter and we all know the functionality of twitter which is just a small component of facebook application. 

Thnk on these lines..May be, some of us come up with a global website


Asif Shahzad said...
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Asif Shahzad said...

Very nice. You said "Personally I think we Pakistani are far better than americans as far as the idea generation is concerned." I feel, it is true.

I wish you share your further views and knowledge on WHY IT IS SO, and HOW FAR IT IS TRUE?

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