Monday, April 27, 2009

Online Coupons- The hottest Sales Promotion activity in USA

Monday, April 27, 2009

Although the concept of coupons and the perception of these sales promotion actitivites is totally opposite in Pakistan, one cannot deny the fact how much coupons not only enable the customers to save their money. The perception about coupons is entriely different and people perceive those companies as DESPERATE who are involved in such kind of activities. But as far as the countries like USA are concerned, coupons whether they are online or offline are something which every consumer wants while purchasing anything.

In this world of cut throat competition, where your competitors are doing anything to gain the maximum market share, every company has to do something extra and something different in order to sustain and come up with new strategies that can help them to foster their sales. In today’s world of crisis where every consumer wants to invest very little and wants to get the best out of it, it is necessary to offer them something beyond the core product. 

We also  have to see WHY these discounts are being offered by the companies. What are the benefits of offering such discounts and how this activity can enhance the sales as it is said as one of the hottest sales promotion activity in marketing. Before we start, I would like to mention that coupons do not apply on each item. You can not offer discount coupons while selling a Rolls Royce to a consumer because the buyer of Rolls Royce is far away from thinking about discounts. So, the concept of couponing applies for things like grocery items etc.

Customer retention is very important and should be the focal point for every company. By focusing on online promotions, a company can not only cut their major cost of mailing and printing but also it can enhance customer loyally. One of the online promotion tools is by offering discount coupons online. So instead of spending thousands of dollars on directly mailing and printing newsletters, a company can send coupons directly into the customer’s email and your client can print and ask for the discounts at any grocery store. These discount coupons will help the customers to buy something else in the same budget because you will be offering some discounts. This activity will help the company to increase in the number of units sold but will also help them to retain their current customers. Definitely, with this sales promotion activity, one can expect to have some new users because discounts normally create a good word of mouth among the customers. But now the question arise that how one company you direct their customers to their websites. The best thing to do here is mention each and everything about your online promotion in your newsletters which you will send to your customer

Another great way to direct the traffic to have online coupons is to put a link to your coupons on your website. This will make it easier to find about the coupons in your website.

One thing companies have to keep in mind is to offer discounts which are better than your conventional printed discounts. Like you were offering 10% Off on a purchase of a particular item when you were using the conventional mailing method. Now, when you are emailing the newsletter with discount coupons, offer them discount like 15% to direct your traffic to your website.  You can also include a link TELL A FRIEND to create a good word of mouth about the discounts being offered. It might be a possibility that your potential customers who are not using your product currently might be looking for a deal. So, by offering them such discounts you can increase your sales and gain the highest market share. 


Komal said...

Quite business kind of blog. I love coupons but yeah there is no such thing in Pakistan :(

simi said...

Thanks for nice info.

I found a totally free American classified, have a look.

Anonymous said...

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