Monday, March 9, 2009

Brandsynario - The goods and bads

Monday, March 9, 2009

If you belong to advertising, marketing or related field, you must have heard about the website I must say a great website with loads of information about the Pakistani advertising and media industry. The website is a product of Synergy Advertising which is one of the leading advertising agencies in Pakistan. The website is divided into five major categories and every section has its own importance.
The first section is Advertising, whether the campaign is local or foriegn, whether its a print or TVC ad, brandsynario has uploaded everything for the marketers and advertisers. I remember I used to visit this site when I was studying the course of Advertising and promotion in my MBA. The content is great but there is one problem that the resolution of those ads is very less. One of the reason why they are doing is to save the web hosting space as much as they can and offer larger quantity

The second section is Marketing, which offers you different videos and stuff related to brand management, supply chain and marketing. Although brandsynario doesnt have much to offer in it but still the concept is really good

The third section wich actually helped me alotin in advertising project and still its a good source for students as well as different companies is the list of all types of media companies like TV, newspaper, Radio with their profiles. Also there is a list of advertising agencies which come under the company profiles tab.

The most important section is the Research section in which ratings of different Tv channels and newspapers are given. Also Synergy Advertising conducts some survey which are not very frequent but the they are very good in terms of their content.

Recommendations :
Brandsynario currently believes in quantity as in there are lots of ads but they are ads just for the sake of ads. Definitley its the only website that is promoting the advertising trends all over the world but the quality of the content should be improved as well as there should be something new on daily basis. 


Majid Aleem said...

Dear Friend,
I agree to your point of view regarding the content. But when you argue about the quality vs quantity and Ads for the sake of Ads, i have a different opinion. One, as far as i know, the website also hosts a forum for the users and there are discussions going on regarding the industry situation where different ads are discussed. i also remained a student of Marketing and consequently remained in touch with the Advertising world, both academically and practically. As a student, i feel they are doing a great job (as u mentioned), but when you talk about quantity vs quality, i think that also refers to the ads to be placed on the website. 1)if they put ads on their own choice considered as good or bad, they will be considered biased, 2) if they select ads through very rigorous method, how will students and professionals come to know abt the bad ads and work own their on weak areas?

Majid Aleem

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