Saturday, March 7, 2009

Branding Savour Foods

Saturday, March 7, 2009

If you live in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you must have heard about Savour Foods. This article does not give you an introduction about what is Savour Foods? How tasty is their Pulao ? And how much the owner of Savour is earning. I am sure 30% of the crowd coming into Savour think and discuss on the same lines and surprisingly they have assumed some handsome figure in their mind. So I am not here to discuss the importance of Savour Foods. Yes it has become a part of Islamabad Culture. They position themselves as Cost effective Pulao Kabab which everyone can afford to eat.  Wait a minute! I have unintentionally used a marketing term here called POSITIONING. But can any marketing guy tell me What  is their marketing strategy? Also what exactly is their expansion and growth strategy? I am sure we have suggestions but we don’t have proper solutions.

Savour Foods, Nirala Sweets and Gourmet Bakers have become the favorite case studies for all the business schools in Pakistan and why not? Our professors know that these products are brilliantly good and they are just lacking one or two components. As far as the Savor Foods is concerned, the product is simply addictive. I still go once in a week to have Savour whether with friends or some other. But the reason for any consumer to go to Savour is their tasty pulao with a low price. Although this strategy is pretty good in Pakistan but if I say you to compare McDonalds, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut with Savour foods? Yeah I know the target market is totally different but Savour Foods has not defined any target market they are just catering the masses. The only thing they lack is a proper brand. Do any of us remember the logo of Savour? Certainly NOT but we do remember the logo of KFC or McDonalds right?

The product is superb and has the potential to be successful all over Pakistan but I don’t know why the guy is expanding too slowly. McDonalds is a great example of giving franchises to people. The same can be done with Savour and I am sure there are people who want to invest in this business. That is how they can expand themselves. I am always wondering Why Pakistan don’t have a proper brand when some of our products have great power to rule the world?  Well there are many reasons and one of the reasons is Pakistani entrepreneurs are very risk averse.  We are making Jeans for Levis, we are making shirts for Gap and Marks & Spencer. We are making football for Nike that means we have the capacity to make exceptional products but what we can do is to brand our product


zafar said...

Very Nice article... Like it...

AdnanR said...

Good article, but I guess around 80% of the ppl guess about Savour's income. It is a surprising fact that why arent they going nation wide (let aside world wide). I think for starters Lahore and Karachi can be a very good market for savour, if they maintain standard. I also think they need to do a few things before thinking big, like for example they should change their logo first :) it dosent make any sense. Then they need to have a tag line that represents their service and then they need to stick to that tag line where ever they go. e.g we like savor because, service is quick, taste is good and maintained during each visit and ofcourse its affordable. their tag line shud represent these qualities and they shud stick to it.

Anonymous said...

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