Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The World’s best brands for 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Products are turning into brands and companies are heavily investing in their products to make them recognized brands. The competition is no more for the share of mind now it has raised to achieve the share of heart. For such branding plays the dominant role.

Interbrands has just taken out their famous brands ranking and again Coke with the highest brand equity is ruling the world again. This is not happening for the first time that Coke is at number 1 place. Coke has been number 1 in the brands ranking since last ten years. According to Interbrands, Coke has the brand equity of $68 billion which is actually a 3% rise over a period of one year. According to Time Magazine, Coke has launched 700 products in 2008.IBM holds number 2 position in Top 100 brands of the world. This brand has also shown consistant performance during the decade. With a brand worth of $60 billion, IBM is at number 2 in Interbrands ranking. During the last few years, a brand has risen to a level where it looks like that it has the ability to compete with the top brands in the world. Although, Americans just love Coke and their love and affection with this drink looks simply invincible but a brand is rising and despite the global recession this brand has shown 25% growth and jumped to a brand worth of $32 billion. This brand is none other than Google who has even replaced the word of searching with “Googling”. Also Google has come up with so many innovative products in the recent past with the latest addition in the browser industry named Google Chrome which is two times faster than the browsers available.

Global recession has effected the financial institutions like anything and they are the biggest victims of it. American Express with a 32% downfall at number 22, HSBC with a 20% downfall at number 32. But the biggest victim in financial sector according to Interbrands is Citi group. Citi group used to be at number 19 in 2008 rankings. Due to global recession, the brand has fallen down to number 36 with a downfall in brand equity oif 49%.

Interbrands publish this branding list every year. For a brand to qualify for the list, a brand must offer publicly available financial data and must book at least one-third of its revenues from outside its country of origin. The reason why Interbrands has mentioned this speared is to gauge the brand loyalty of those brands who are truly global in a real sense. That is why Walmart is not in the list because it does not generate enough internationally under this name.

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