Friday, September 25, 2009

NIDO - Caring For Toddlers

Friday, September 25, 2009

NESTLE has been serving in Pakistan since 1988. It started when the Switzerland based NESTLE, the parent company, first acquired its shares in Milkpak Ltd. Today, Nestle is fully integrated in the Pakistani environment and is recognized as the producers of tasty, healthy and nutritious food. The Company's philosophy is to provide healthy and nutritious food to every consumer at their doorstep. For this, company has got a perfect supply chain planning. They want their customers to get all products in an easy and convenient way.

NESTLE has a diversified portfolio of brands like; milk, dairy, chilled dairy, beverages, bottled water, baby food, prepared meals, breakfast meals, chocolates and confectioneries.

NESTLE has got 3 forms of products under its MILK Head, which are MILKPAK, NESVITA, NIDO, NESLAC and EVERYDAY.
Children grow extremely quick, so do their developmental requirements. NESTLE, keeping this in mind, have developed such, nutritious powdered milk that contains all the fundamental and nutritional needs of children at all stages of growth.
NESTLE NIDO 1+, 3+, 6+ is a new line of powdered milk products, which comprises of all the basic and essential requirements of children at these particular ages. These nutrients are very much useful for such age groups as these are considered to be the development stages.

Reviewing the ad of NESTLE NIDO 1+ TVC, in this ad, the toddler wants to touch everything around, he wants to put things in their mouth, he does not know if it is healthy for him or not, this is a new world around him, and he wants to discover and explore it on his own.

By touching and putting everything in his mouth, he enormously wants to figure out everything around. This could make him suffer from severe digestive problems.

For this, kids require such blend of fibers, which are highly useful for children from the age group of 1-3. This could help to make their digestive system stronger and healthier, to prevent them from stomach diseases. NESTLE NIDO 1+ has Prebio1 in it. It contains vitamins, iron and minerals in it, which are necessary nutrients, for the growth of toddlers. These are the essential nutrients which should be provided to the children to strengthen them up with a healthy immune digestive system and the ability to fight off the germs. So, now mothers do not have to worry about their kids. They just have to give them NESTLE NIDO 1+ a day, and let them discover this world by their own.

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