Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Olpers - A Powerful Pakistani Brand

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We never thought of a strong brand that is purely from Pakistan can give a tough competition to the players like Nestle who has ruled the market for a long time. With excellent branding and promotional strategies along with strong distribution network, Olpers is now considered as one of the top most brands of Pakistan. They have sustainable communication strategies with an emotional appeal that has touched the hearts of Pakistani consumers.
Olpers stepped in to the market by launching a massive marketing campaign featuring some of the biggest stars of Pakistan. Billboards were setup at major cities with key locations and soon the brand captured the 22 percent market share. It had a voice which differentiated it from other, and this is where the success story begins.
Olpers always had a unique campaign; and it has been 3 years since Olpers celebrates the spirit of Ramadan. Olpers advert launched in Ramadan 2009 is the latest example for it. This Ramadan they have has come up with another nice promotional campaign. They are promoting the Muslim patriotic spirit all around the world through the most popular ‘Hum Mustafavi Hein‘song and a message of Peace for the whole world. The advert features Atif Aslam and Dawood Ali. It is directed by Asim Raza and he has worked fabulously. This ad has been shot in 5 different countries I-e Pakistan, Dubai, Morocco, Brunei and Turkey. They have shown the Muslim rich culture, heritage and beautiful mosques.
Olpers hasn’t stopped by only concentrating on Milk as they have diversified their portfolio and came up with other products as well. The latest one is Omore which is again a decent launch with an out of the box promotional campaign. One can safely say that Omore is kind of brand which we can compare with any International brand.


Sikander Hayat said...

Interference in Pakistan’s national affairs is increasing every day and there is a need to put an end to this.


Anonymous said...

olpers ads always attracts...its ike a connection b/w ramazan and olpers new ad

telemall pakistan said...

yes basic brand & daily useable nice sharing thank'x

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