Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whats the Real Use of Twitter ? A Conversation between me and Omar

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have put this status few days ago that Whats the real use of Twitter and One of friend who is in a social media advertising firm answers my question. I thought, it would be interesting that I paste the conversation here and may be we can learn something out from it.

Me : Whats the Real Use of Twitter? Anyone???

Omar : its one of the part of SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY......and the messages that u send through twitter are called tweets...tweets are just as an sms A SHORT MESSAGE FOR MARKETING YOUR BRAND

Me: isnt it the same thing we are doing on facebook! whether you call it tweeting or something else....I mean its like having two cell phones for receiving calls and one for sending sms ...isnt it?

Omar : listen in social media optimization strategy there r bundle of offerings like sms mktng,tweets, forums,articles,groups on fb & other social media sites, email mktng etc so it is one of the tools of SMO Strategy and you can send sms fom web to customer's mobile directly through a paid service like clickatell etc....GOT IT????

Me : u didnt get my point i guess..All I am saying is facebook is a package with almost everything while twitter is just a small application of facebook where you can just write abt What are you doing or whats in ur mind..Do you think ppl really need a website for it just to tell ppl what they are doing! Correct me if I am wrong but for me its the most dumbest idea :D

Omar : Dear u just consider it as sms mktng, almost its the same thing and yes by relying only on twitter is a wrong strategy , it should be a part of ur stratgy as many advertisers are focussing more on social media sites and technologies and its one of them. So it should be incorporated in ur strategy but using alone would be a bad choice. it can only enhance to what u want to promote.

Me : dude just take the consumer's perspective for sometime. We all know what twitter is and we know that you can post updates, news, information blah blah on twitter. All I am saying is you can use groups and communities on facebook to market ur product but in twitter you just have 140 character limit. So that means you have to first Build a social network there and then you will be able to market your product effectively that was the marketing perspective.
Take consumer perspective for a minute now. Initially I have just one mobile to communicate with my friends ( Facebook) and now I ve got two - one for sending sms (twitter) and other is for receiving calls ( facebook) Although I know I can use the same mobile ( facebook) to send sms but I am the dumbest guy in the world :P bcoz I have bought another mobile ( twiiter) for sending sms to my friends ( Keep in mind the consumer perspective)

Omar : Arsalan y dont u understand its just one another platform like tagged & myspace etc, twitter would be one for platform and it can increase ur viewership by some unique users (who r not on FB). simple and yeah right FB also provides u these facilities but what about those clientele who are not on FB so thats y companies & advertisers makes all these options as part of their strategy in order to deliver the msg to maximum digital audience and from consumer perspective they do have the option for linking up their FB account with twitter and vice versa...If u still have doubts about it do call me in ur spare time i will try to give u maximum information that i have.

Me : dude just tell me one good user who is on twitter and not on facebook i mean come on yaar :D
but ok we ll discuss this some other time. its like we have almost cover the whole home page :P

Omar : hahahaha....ok we will discuss it some other time i am leaving office in few minutes

Me: Ok Buddy See you


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