Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Weirdest Brand Name : Mamoo Burger and its interesting story

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let me tell you a very interesting story. Even if you are not a management student or related to marketing etc you will love this story as much as I do. The story reveals about how businesses are growing and you don’t have to be an MBA to run your business successfully and this thing applies at its best in Pakistan especially.

I was born and raised in Rawalpindi and I have some very strong associations with this city. I am also planning to make a documentary to brand this city. One of the businesses that is growing very rapidly is Restaurants business. Consumer patterns are changing and people now love to eat outside at least once a week and this frequency is increasing day by day now. If you are not very hungry and want something like EGG SHAMI BURGER, there are in fact a lot options available in every market. But two turned out to be good products. One is International Burger and the Second one is MAMOO Burger. I am sure this word MAMOO Burger has brought smiles to the faces of those people who live in Rawalpindi. What is so special about MAMOO? Its actually nothing but fresh food and that’s it.

Mamoo Burger started 10 years back with collaboration of West Food Bakers. Actually West Food Bakers rented their outer space to Mamoo Burger so that they can sell their burgers there. Mamoo became one of the famous Egg Shami and Beef Burgers because of its taste. You will see people in queues during the Maghrib and Isha Prayer. In these ten years, Mamoo ( The Owner of Mamoo Burger calls himself MAMOO) never thought of growth or expansion. But then one fine day, West Food Bakers, told Mamoo to leave because they wanted to start their own Burger stall. But this was not enough..Guess what West Food Bakers named their Burger Stall...Surprise Surprise...It was Mamoo Burger.

The original Mamoo reacted so quickly against this move because it was his brand and he was infact THE MAMOO. So he rented out a space very next to West Food Bakers and named it ASLI MAMOO Burger( Original Mamoo Burger). After that, a fierce competition started between the original and new Mamoo burger. They launched many new campaigns in order to cash the Mamoo brand name and both were claiming that they are the original producers of Mamoo Burgers. One was offering 5 Chicken burger with one free Pepsi package, while other was offering more or less the same kind of package. The new Mamoo successfully gained some customer base from the original Mamoo. Mamoo even put this picture on the promotional banners to prove that he is the original mamoo ( hahahaha this is quite funny). We all used to see this as a very funny yet interesting story. One fine day, I went to eat Mamoo Burger and I saw big surprises were welcoming me. The original Mamoo has acquired the near by Chinese restaurant and he was using it as a Family Hall. I observed Mamoo as he was giving instructions to the new staff how to behave with the customer and I was thinking that we marketing students study alot about how to behave with customers but this guy who never even has seen the class room is talking so much sense. You must be thinking now, what did the other Mamoo Burger do in retaliation? Well, they couldn’t buy some space because they don’t have any. So I saw some chairs and an motorcycle wrapped with a Panaflex sheet where it is written that Buy one burger and Win motorcycle in lucky draw. When I saw all this, I decided to put in on my blog because I wanted to share this story with you.

What we have learned from this story? Ten years of kingship and still no expansion or growth but when the Bakery asked Mamoo to go, he thought of innovative ways to compete. That’s why Wise people say. “Competition brings quality and innovation.”


zafar said...

Thats interesting man!

Waqas said...

funny yet interesting:m rushing 2 mamo;)

awahid said...

I knew the story :)
it was indeed a nice one.

Mehak Jabeen said...

i loved the idea of using the pic of old shop, which actually got the competitors real name :D

it was funny and motivating :)

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