Thursday, June 18, 2009

Google Vs Bing

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Although, most the reviews must be comparing the technical aspects of both search engines but there Is one important thing that we are all missing. According to Brands of the year report 2009, Google has become the number brand having more brand equity even than Coke. The search word is going to be replace with the word Googling and currently it is in the transformation phase. Now comes a new search engine Although, you never noticed that search unless you got to know that Microsoft is behind in developing is search engine and that thing interests you somehow to use it. As far as my opinion is concerned, BING is fast, having good search results and in terms of technicality, this search engine has something to offer. But look at Google, its not about just their brand equity which has crossed even Coke, which has sustained the number 1 brand positions for decades. You remember what people called marketing blunder of all times; its none other than replacing the Coke with NEW COKE and people totally boycotted the new product just because they have strong association with the current brand and they totally refused to accept that brand. Well, Google has also developed such brand power and in the near future, may be our kids will be calling search as Google. So now the question is…Can Bing do something to replace the power of Google? Well certainly not especially at this point of time because Google as a company is certainly on a rise. I myself is very loyal to Google search engine and I just love Google. So when I visited Bing for the first time it was like a new world for me and I was very irritated and wanted to get back to Google as soon as possible. May be Bing is technically Good and may be they have some really complicated algorithms to search the best results but one thing is for sure they don’t have the brand power Google has and it will take years to even reach near Google now.


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