Saturday, February 28, 2009

Google it!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I dont know man but Google has simple changed the way people used to think of anything. Today I attended a presentation by a google representative and to my surprise he gave me two new concepts. I used to think that I am one of the most techy person around, among the business graduates. But Google really has alot to offer. 
Two new things I learned today were

Google Insights :
Wow! What a wonderful tool it is. You type the keywords and you analyze the how many times we it has been searched on google and use it for your Search engine optimization. I have tried this and it gives you a detailed analysis of what you are searching and analyzing for. And most important and interesting thing is, they are offering this tool for free. I am still figuring out, where the hell they are earning from. They have given you the tools for free and the only source I can think of is Google Adsense and Adwords. Well I believe Google still has lot of offer but the things they have given to their consumers are simply awesome like gmail, search engine and the latest addition is chrome

Google Analytics
Another wonderful tool which is also free is Google analytics. Have you ever think how many people daily visit your site, how much time they spend and what is the percentage of people who just see the website and close it. Google analytics gives you all this. All you have to do is to copy a small code in your homepage HTML file and you will get this all. But the analysis doesnt end here.  Google analytics is a world which gives you so many things about your website that you can easily make stratgies and marketing plans for further pursual.


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